KJAER ADVICE | Copenhagen, Denmark
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Copenhagen, Denmark

In Rwanda, a Silicon Valley based tech start-up is delivering blood samples to rural areas with drones. Can Danish companies also develop solutions that are affordable, sustainable and high-tech at the same time? This was the question at the “High-tech low–cost road to SDG innovation” event – hosted by the Confederation of Danish Industries, the Danish Foreign Ministry the Danish Technical Univeristy – and the short answer is yes!


While many companies at the event were interested in tomorrow’s technologies so were participating NGOs and international organisations. Danish Red Cross, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and UNDP pointed towards specific ways technology can drive new solutions for their beneficiaries. Meanwhile, NGOs also called on companies to engage local talent that might be poor, but are nevertheless looped into the digital age and can help companies create innovative solutions. Louise Kjær, Strategic Partnership Advisor to the Danish Refugee Council pointed towards refugees in the Middle East region as an example.


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