KJAER ADVICE | Copenhagen, Denmark
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Copenhagen, Denmark

Strategic partnership development at CPH Municipality

On February 21, 2017, the Copenhagen Municipality and KJAER ADVICE celebrated the achievements of a 1.5-year journey of enhancing strategic partnership efforts in a final workshop. KJAER ADVICE has assisted the municipality’s designated partnership division: Our work has spanned from brokering multi-partner collaboration projects to giving strategic advice and internal training of employees.

During the workshop, we together with the team of partnership advisors evaluated the municipality’s broad partnership portfolio and deciphered key learnings from the respective partnership projects. As pointed out by John Pape, Service Area Manager, “The many experiences and learning obtained by the partnership division can now be shared and hopefully multiplied with the larger part of the municipality.” KJAER ADVICE, therefore, wrapped up the workshop by brainstorming new partnership ideas to kick off Copenhagen Municipality’s next partnership phase, moving thus from a pilot stage towards more consolidated strategic efforts.