KJAER ADVICE | Copenhagen, Denmark
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Copenhagen, Denmark

Outthinking migration challenges

Tech-giant IBM and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) are discussing innovative solutions to better forecast and respond to the global phenomena of mixed migration.

Brought together as the result of a KJAER ADVICE ideation process, the two partners have over the past 6 months been discussing how to blend their respective competencies and co-create forecasting models that can predict future mixed migration flows and the drivers of the same: The purpose is to be able to prepare better and preventive measures.

The partnership is building upon IBM’s position as world-leaders within predictive analytics and machine learning, i.e. making sense of multiple data sources ranging such diverse data sets as weather forecasts, news, social media or country specific statistics on a scale that would normally be out of reach of human analysts.

DRC’s presence on the ground in 40 refugee producing countries across the world provides first-hand data about drivers and consequences of migration.

A design-thinking workshop took place on August 9th at IBM’s premises to explore potential longer-term collaboration models.