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New York, US

Louise Kjaer presented her work as strategic partnership advisor to the Danish Refugee Council at this year’s Shared Value Leadership Summit 2017 in New York. Louise spoke on building a new strategic approach whereby the Danish Refugee Council will engage with businesses of different sectors to enhance job opportunities and foster local economic activities in refugee producing regions. The case of sustainable water provision in the world’s largest refugee camp in Uganda – unfolding in a partnership with the Danish water pump producer Grundfos – was highlighted and caused great attention in a Lab Session jointly delivered with our partner in Norway, Stine Bratsberg.

The Shared Value Leadership Summit 2017 gathered more than 400 international business leaders in New York eagerly engaged in turning the world’s complex challenges into opportunities. This year’s Summit gave specific attention to the unprecedented refugee crisis that our societies are facing today. Please click for more information on the Shared Value Leadership Summit 2017 and the Shared Value Initiative.