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New York, USA

As Consulting Affiliate to the Shared Value Initiative KJAER ADVICE participated at the 6th annual Share Value Leadership Summit taking place in the beginning of May. At the Summit, world leaders and business thinkers alike discussed the private sector’s role in achieving the UN Global Goals, shared value’s power to attract and retain young talent, and equity as a business imperative. Among the 400 attendees were CEOs of Nestlé, The Coca-Cola Company, Yara, Novozymes, Mahindra Group, and many more.


President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, in a panel discussion with Michael Porter, FSG/Harvard Business School, stated:
”Creating economic opportunity will avoid conflict. It is evidenced that better health and education outcomes account for growth” (..) ” Governments alone cannot deliver. It is critically important to collaborate across sectors to build necessary economic growth.”


With Michael Porter adding:
”There is money on the table for businesses if they can actually help solve social or societal problems. Look for competitive advantages. How can we do thing differently? It’s about seeing opportunities that others miss!”