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Creating Shared Value for Business and Society


Creating shared value is about achieving the twin goals of innovating to meet society’s needs and build a profitable business. The UN Sustainable Development Goals is the new universal framework for ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring prosperity for all. Achieving the SDGs will require commitment from all sectors in society and the development of innovative solutions through collaborative partnerships.


We facilitate your initial idea generation or assessment process. We assist in the identification of potential ‘pain points’ and in spotting new opportunities that will either solve problems, strengthen relations in your supply chain, bridge cross-sector divides or improve the ability of your organization to reach end users or new customers.


We help you refine your strategic thinking and set new direction. We help you maximize the potential of your business or organization by partnering with new actors or organizations – thereby creating shared value.


To implement new partnering strategies is not business-as-usual: We assist you in forming the right partnership agreement and to create practical and actionable plans. We help you take your innovation to scale, tailor communication and to promote its wider use.


KJAER ADVICE works as your critical sparring partner when you as a leader face challenges in the process of realizing a vision or strategic decision. This is particularly true in an ever changing world where disruption threatens to change traditional business or collaborative patterns.


Our special expertise lies in understanding the complexity of a problem. We help you see opportunities in future trends – often by setting up new strategic partnerships across sectors thereby combining different resources, skills and knowledge.


We successfully assist executives in reaching their goals. We utilize our extensive experience from working with business, public sector, private organizations, and the media – in Denmark and internationally.


Collaborating in cross-sector partnerships provides a new opportunity for doing business and social development better – by recognizing the qualities and competencies of each sector and finding ways of harnessing these.


However, many public sector agencies still have very little experience in how to scope, match and implement cross-sector partnerships. Likewise, businesses often mistake the concept of partnership with ordinary bilateral collaborative agreements. They often miss the potential added value from teaming up with new players. The following methods will help you pursue new partnering opportunities:

Analysis of innovation potential – Ideation

Review of an existing strategy from a future demand perspective – and in view of a broader societal perspective. Sparring to bring in new ideas (out-side in innovation).

Stakeholder analysis – partner scoping

Identification of potential new partners from e.g. the public sector, the voluntary/social sector, alternative industry- or service partners, learning institutions or media partners. (Partnering Fit Framework©)

Innovation in co-labs for multi-stakeholder collaboration

Taking future trends as a point of departure. Inviting new partners to join forces. Sharing insight into customer demands and market potential, new solutions or ideas for products or services.

Workshops for senior management / executive board

Explaining the rationale behind – and potential embedded in new ways of partnership collaboration.

Leadership training

Introducing the method of cross-sector partnership cooperation. Development of specific training materials or process guide.

Cluster meetings

We offer guidance and convey the potential of new collaborative solutions to sector specific clusters of organizations.

Partnership agreements

Formulation of comprehensive partnering agreements that take into account a multiplicity of interests, responsibilities, shared risks and rewards, etc.

Partnership brokering

Problem solving and conflict mediation that unravels disagreements – often originating in lack of insight, misunderstanding or failed communication. Bringing parties back on track.

Advice on the execution

Assistance in drafting solid implementation plans, including instructions on performance review techniques.

Strategic communication

Specifically targeting a potential new stakeholder group.