KJAER ADVICE | Ideation Strategy Action
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We specialize in Ideation and Partnership Formation

KJAER ADVICE are experts in strategic partnership formation and multi-stakeholder collaboration – thereby creating shared value. We work to increase the value of your business or organization – by engaging in partnership with new stakeholders.


By initiating your ideation process, we help you determine opportunities for multi-stakeholder partnership collaboration. We help you set direction, form and implement cross-sector partnership initiatives.


Working across the globe, we run lab-sessions with individual businesses, business clusters, public sector or civil society organizations. We assist in identification of pain points and in spotting new opportunities that either solve problems, bridge any cross-sector divide, or improves the ability to reach your end users or customers.


We facilitate your initial idea generation or assessment process. We assist in the identification of potential ‘pain points’ and in spotting new opportunities that will either solve problems, strengthen relations in your supply chain, bridge cross-sector divides or improve the ability of your organization to reach end users or new customers.


We help you refine your strategic thinking and set new direction. We help you multiply the potential of your business or organization by partnering with new actors or organizations – thereby creating shared value.


To implement new partnering strategies is not business-as-usual: We assist you in forming the right partnership agreement and to create practical and actionable plans. We help you take your innovation to scale, tailor communication and to promote its wider use.

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